Join the March

Join as a Leader/Section Leader

What it means.

  • you will coordinate a section of your choice of approximately 100 km of the March route, which you will walk in its entirety;
  • you will be equipped with a SPOT – a GPS transmitter that will show where you and the rest of the hikers are on the March route;
  • you will be well prepared and familiar with the section you have chosen, so you will lead the group on this route;
  • each day of the trek, at around 9:00 a.m., you will make sure that people who want to join the group can find you, and you will set off together on your journey;
  • it would be great if you decide to share in your social media photos/reports of the hike.

What this doesn’t mean?

  • you are not responsible for the safety and equipment shortcomings of fellow hikers;
  • you are not responsible for people who want to join you outside of the marching time (we do not recommend joining the group during the hike);
  • you do not organize accommodation, meals, transportation, etc.

Join as a Participant

The March for the Oder starts on April 20, and you can inform us about your will to participate at any time through the form on this page. As a participant, you can decide how many kilometers of the route you want and can walk. If you decide that you want to walk 20 kilometers that’s great, and if the most optimal distance for you is 1 kilometer – that’s fine as well. The detailed route is constantly under development, so the route is prone to changes and adjustmentst. We will inform you about it on the website and via emails.

We recommend that you join a group of hikers around 9 a.m. The group of hikers will be assigned to Section Leader, who will have a GPS transmitter so you can see where the morning assembly point is.

Important! We do not provide equipment, facilities (it is advisable to equip on your own) or transportation. We also do not organize meals and drinks. Also please take care of insurance on your own. You are welcome to join our cause and this March, but you take full responsibility for your participation.

As for the accommodation base, we are in the process of determining the details. However, it may so happen that on your stretch you will have to use a tent. Please take this into account and prepare accordingly.

Once you have completed the form, we will be in touch with you so that we can inform you of any new arrangements and other useful information regarding the March.

To join please fill out the form below

Join as a Support

If you have the opportunity to join us as a logistical support of the March, for example, you can be a driver of a car supporting a particular section for a few days (i.e. for the first Czechia section we have a car but are looking for a driver) or drive to the agreed place with your own car and bring water or other necessary accessories, then pleas write to us: