The idea

The March for the Oder will start exactly on April 20, 2023, during the new moon. We will accompany our relative, the river, from the place where it is born to the place where it joins the sea. We want to accompany the Oder throughout its life. That’s one of the goals of the march – to be by the side of one that has suffered for decades as a result of human actions. A second goal is to publicize the possibility of recognizing the Oder as a legal entity.

The trek will begin at the source of the Oder. On May 6, we are planning a demonstration in Wroclaw. In turn, we anticipate the finale of the march on June 3. Thus, we will accompany this remarkable river for about 45 days, all the way to its confluence with the Baltic Sea. This is roughly a thousand kilometers of hiking through wild and less traveled and less populated but also urbanized areas located near the river. Those taking part in the march will accompany the Oder day and night, supporting the action of recognizing it as a person and therefore as a legal entity. The march will be an opportunity to learn about the river, its diverse character, biodiversity, and to experience and recognize the vibrant life in it. We are also keen to get the media interested in the topic, as we want the idea of seeing rivers, and in the future forests, national parks and the entire Earth as a person, to become present in public discourse.